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Our Team

Olivier is into building geodesic domes, indoor planting, reforestation, planting and cooking healthy food. Sarbani gives energetic healing sessions but also dance and yoga classes. She is Indian-German, lived in Brazil, Belgium and, London. He is a Belgian world traveler. 

He loves to windsurf and she is more into Longboard,  together they love to Golf -  in Essaouira they found their paradise.


Dav Mahal is their spiritual retreat Center. They say this is where they transform and grow closer to their higher selves.

Contact them : contact.davmahal@gmail.com

Hamid is the manager on site. He will be taking care of a smooth arrival and departure. He is very helpful and is the best person to ask for good fish or what to do. 

Contact Hamid

+212 6 06 90 73 66

+212 6 25 23 49 49 (WhatsApp)